Arsenic in rice: another food issue to worry about?

Credentials on Food Politics:

This Blog was posted by Marion Nestle who is famous for writing books on nutrition and food sustainability. This post was made on September 13, 2013. The entire Food Politics Blog is one that is all about food sustainability and nutrition. Marion, the author of the website, is a professor nutrition and public health and has been on many boards and committees that deal with the FDA and dietary guidelines.

There are many different types of food that I had no idea would be any type of danger, and rice was one of them. When I think of arsenic all I picture is death and poison used by house wives trying to kill their rich husbands. But when I hear it is in fact within rice, I ask questions as to why it is even there in the first place. There is a range from about eleven to thirty micrograms of arsenic in mostly instant ready rice, and then about six micrograms in regular rice. (Marion Nestle. Arsenic in rice: another food issue to worry about? This seems like a lot of poison being fed to us, especially when you see the big double digit thirty. But micrograms are millionths of a gram, so I guess technically it is not as dangerous as it could be when you think of arsenic in our food. The FDA claims that with the low amounts, it is not being considered for any short-term health problems, but there is worry about long-term heath issues being the real problem. (Marion Nestle. Arsenic in rice: another food issue to worry about? I personally agree because if you compare any other toxic substance being put into your body, there may be still long term damage. For example, medical marijuana is considered legal and beneficial to patients in need. It is to help numb the pain and give a “high” to patients, but there is evidence of marijuana affecting memory loss. That is how I feel about the arsenic found in rice. The FDA may tell us that the amounts are too low to even worry about, but arsenic is a mineral used in insecticides to kill insects, and that chemical is being but into our precious bodies. To me, Marion’s question about if this is something to worry about, is definitely something to worry about because I don’t believe it is at all healthy to put poison into our bodies.

Citation: Nestle, Marion. “Arsenic in rice: another food issue to worry about?.” Food Politics. Names@Work, 16 Sept 2013. Web. 25 Sep. 2013. <;.




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