Vote for the Dinner Party

Credentials on Michael Pollan: Michael Pollan, author of this article, is an environmental journalist for The New York Times and had written many books dealing with food sustainability and health. He has won the Reuter’s World Conversation Union Global Award and The Genesis Award from the Humane Society of the United States for his work in writing about sustainability. This article was posted October 10, 2012.

There is finally a movement in America starting up to demand change in our food system free form processed food and agricultural processes. This article is more specific and mentions California’s Proposition 37, which was part of the beginning of this change. This proposition was that all genetically modified foods carry a label pointing out the process to the consumer purchasing the product. (Michael Pollan. Vote for the Dinner Party. Something as small as this one state’s effort to make our food more sustainable shows how America is ready for a change. The amount of Ted Talks and documentaries I have seen on processed food and disease being spread through meat is uncountable, which means people are ready to start a big movement through our government to stay healthy. Pollan states how the population has lost trust and faith within the food industry, but also how in return, the food industry had lost trust in us as well. Our food system considers the certain propositions like California’s as a threat, and that we will act irrationally when we see a genetically modified label on a can. (Michael Pollan. Vote for the Dinner Party. We have been eating genetic engineered food for more years than we think, but it seems to me that it has only been recently that the people have actually heard and paid attention to this news because it seems like the fight for sustainable food has been going on forever. So I am not surprised that food companies are freaking out and finally releasing their practices to the public, because they have been hiding in the dark for almost twenty years, and we are just now starting to turn on the lights. Once the food movement reaches Washington and begins to actually start a revolution against our unsustainable food practices. Just like any revolution, it only takes one for others to follow, and California’s proposition is the one rebel everyone is starting to stand up for.

Citation: Pollan, Michael. “Vote for the Dinner Party.” New York Times 10 Oct 2012,  n. pag. Web. 26 Sep. 2013. <;.

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